Stu Bowl

"Stu Bowl" is my made up name for this area with several decent routes. A day back here featured the most exposed skiing I did during 2012, and I would not have topped out the route off the 47xx' point without Stu finishing the spicy part of the boot pack, part of which is shown on the Routes page.

From the notch, contour around to Allison Creek. The lumpy space makes it challenging to not lose any elevation, but do your best. Skin across Allison Lake, then branch right into Stu Bowl as shown on the overview topo. The picture below shows the final part of the skin track in red. Boot any of the lines shown in green, or anything else that looks interesting.

The looker's leftmost line faces nne, goes 49 degrees, and has a rock rib that makes the upper climb and ski reasonably exciting. I don't have inclinometer readings for the others. Stu skiing one of these lines:

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