Mineral Creek Half Marathon 2015 Results

Under steady drizzle, runners from New Zealand, The Netherlands, and at least 4 states completed the 2015 Mineral Creek Half Marathon. 5 runners cracked 1:40 and 13 were under 2:00, making this the fastest running in the event's 5 year history.

Thanks to our volunteer crew - Rick and Jimena handling the start, finish and results; Natalie and Chloe at the creek crossing; Sharman taking pictures; Evan, Alex, and Chuck who brought water out to the turnaround.

Runners Amanda Hatton and Sarah Jorgenson-Owen received custom monogrammed snuggies as recognition for being the only 2 runners to have completed all 5 races. Once the race got underway, Amanda went on to pick up her first victory. Aaron Brown defended his title, completing a household sweep of the men's and women's crowns.

Full results, followed by pictures.

Aaron Brown           1:23:28  men1
Andrew                    1:33:25  men2
Scottie Biddle          1:35:06  men3
Austin Love             1:36:55  men4
Stu Brown                1:39:48  men5
Ben Stolen               1:43:19  men6
Daniel Roberto         1:43:44  men7
Andy Shidner           1:46:36  men8
Dan Keefe                1:51:36  men9
Ian Aspland             1:54:46  men10
Steve Hartmann       1:55:41  men11
Rick                          1:57:23  men12*
Paul Mond               1:59:19  men13
Amanda Hatton        2:10:25  women1
Sara Baker                2:17:04  women2
Jenni Topliss             2:17:41  women3
Sarah J-O                  2:19:49  women4
Amy                          2:20:08  women5
Hannah Sorenson      2:20:08  women5
Hannah Foreman       2:20:08  women5
Donna Hopper           2:21:14  women8
Kyra Meyer                2:22:27  women9
Gianna McCune         2:25:54  women10
Jennifer Stubblefield  2:33:16  women11
Lori Branin                 2:35:34  women12
Hilary Roberto           2:50:30  women13
Ila Brandli                  3:30:55  women14

*Started a few minutes late, actual time running probably around 1:52