Mineral Creek Half Marathon 2013 Results

The third annual Mineral Creek Half Marathon featured competitors from four different states plus Italy. The hard rain falling the past two days let up just in time for the race. Under intermittent light rain, 32 runners managed two stream crossings and multiple bear sightings en route to the finish line.

Nives Carobblo, visting from Bergamo, Italy with her family, took the women's division in a new women's course record of 1:38:50. Nives finished third overall. Other notable finishers include Nick Weicht in 5th place. Nick led the Valdez High School Cross Country team to their state championship in 2001, placing second as an individual in that race. Stu Brown, undeterred by coming off a 16 hour shift the day before the race and 40 straight days working 12 hours or more, finished second. Aaron Brown defended his title from last year.

Many people helped make this year's event a success. Thanks to the strong contingent from Laramie, Wyoming who showed up with bandanas for everyone. Nick Weicht donated some post race refreshments. Kate drove out to the turn around to help keep track of everyone. Natalie took great pictures at the largest stream crossing. Mark, Hope, and Sharman took care of the start, finish, and results.

Below are results, followed by pictures from the 2013 event.

                                         place time
aaron brown           valdez  m1  1:28:02
stu brown               valdez   m2  1:37:38
nives carobblo        italy      w1  1:38:50
pietro sonzogni       italy       m3  1:42:45
nick weicht            valdez    m4  1:49:01
lindsie king             valdez    w2  1:50:03
jeff nelson            anchorage m5  1:50:10
ashley harshell        valdez    w3  1:59:41
sarah j-owen          valdez    w4  2:00:18
jen maclaughin      girdwood w5  2:01:01
megan woods        valdez    w6   2:01:20
nicole lamartine     wyoming w7   2:12:07
kelly vavra            minnesota w8  2:12:18
jeff selden             wyoming m6   2:12:21
greg kilmer           wyoming m7   2:12:35
meira pedersen     valdez     w9   2:12:50
amber mehlberg    valdez    w10  2:14:02
magdalena mccay valdez     w11  2:14:31
jen gessert           anchorage w12  2:15:53
mary kath ade       valdez     w13  2:17:37
donna hopper      valdez      w14  2:22:45
kim holzer           virginia      w15  2:23:03
amanda hatton     valdez       w16  2:27:03
merreley donohue-w valdez  w17  2:32:03
erika holbrook      valdez      w18  2:35:24
janelle kilmer        wyoming   w19  2:36:47
rachael sisneros    wyoming   w20  2:44:10
katie kern             wyoming    w21 2:44:10
treasure mcpherson wyoming  w22  3:00:18
nick vonbargen      minnesota  m8   3:00:48
rachelle addun       valdez        w23  3:00:48
judy hulme            wyoming     w24  3:11:09