Mineral Creek Half Marathon 2011 Results

Valdez, Alaska - August 14, 2011

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Mineral Creek Half Marathon! 14 people toed the start line, and all finished in fine form. Well done to the winners - Alf Swanson on the men's side, Laura Johnston amongst women. For their efforts they each took home a hoodie and get free entry in next year's race. There was no wind to speak of, but rain varied from light to steady throughout the event. Pictured below are the champs, followed by full results.

Alf Swanson      1:43:22    1   1men
Michka Guerrier  1:48:56    2   2men
Jack Armstrong   1:55:03    3   3men
Bob Smith        1:57:37    4   4men
Laura Johnston   1:58:27    5   1women
Hannah McGowan   2:03:42    6   2women
Kim              2:08:50    7   3women
Amanda Hatton    2:10:32    8   4women
Sarah Jorgenson  2:11:41    9   5women
Kate Herring     2:15:34   10   6women
Mary Katherine   2:20:07   11   7women
Megan Woods      2:24:23   12   8women
Amber Mehlberg   2:30:06   13   9women
Sarah Klepto     2:35:18   14  10women

Join us next August on the Sunday immediately following the Women's Silver Salmon Derby for the 2012 Mineral Creek Half Marathon.

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