Mineral Creek Half Marathon 2016 Results

Course records abounded at the 2016 Mineral Creek Half Marathon. Lynass family sweep, with Spencer in 1:18:00 and Nicole in 1:36:18. They both picked up hoodies, and Spencer cashed in on the time bonus for breaking 1:20. Their fast times came amidst a record turnout of 41 finishers.

This year's event featured visitors from Scotland, Canada, and four states in addition to Alaska. Wendy B traversed the hills and endured the rain to finish her first half marathon ever. Kyra cut 16 minutes off her time from last year. 2011 winner Alf contributed his skills at the start and finish. Thanks to Devin for providing a pick me up at the turn around. Picture credits to Chloe and Cam.

Results, followed by more pictures.

Spencer Lynass 1:18:00 m1
Aaron Brown 1:27:39 m2
Jason Scott 1:30:08 m3
Austin Love 1:34:31 m4
Nicole Lynass 1:36:18 w1
Scottie Biddle 1:38:29 m5
Kassy Lynass 1:41:49 w2
Nick Weicht 1:41:50 m6
Kevin Sundbaum 1:44:08 m7
Trevin Sundbaum 1:44:20 m8
Mackenzie Bamwell 1:45:58 w3
Mike Hayes 1:47:51 m9
Megan Corrazza 1:52:03 w4
Paul Mond 1:52:32 m10
Will Stark 1:53:03 m11
Ben Stolen 1:53:20 m12
Katie Miller 1:53:39 w5
Meg McKinney 1:55:38 w6
Andy H 1:55:45 m13
Kristina Rodriguez 1:58:59 w7
Sam Lynass 2:01:09 m14
Steve Cockrell 2:01:11 m15
Wayne M 2:06:00 m16
Kyra Meyer 2:06:53 w8
Cindy Clements 2:08:43 w9
Rebecca 2:10:52 w10
Sara Baker 2:14:43 w11
Laura Burzinski 2:16:08 w12
Mary Day 2:16:34 w13
Rachel S 2:18:05 w14
Sarah J-O 2:19:16 w15
Erin Stark 2:20:43 w16
Amber Mehlberg 2:25:54 w17
Donna Hopper 2:26:15 w18
Nani 2:30:03 w19
Hannah Foreman 2:32:23 w20
Danielle Mohr 2:32:23 w21
Amanda H 2:36:08 w22
Wendy Balowski 2:41:11 w23
Josh Miller 2:52:29 m17
Paula Webber 2:53:57 w24