Mineral Creek Half Marathon 2012 Results

Valdez, Alaska - August 12, 2012

Thanks everyone for making the 2012 Mineral Creek Half Marathon so much fun! We enjoyed fine weather, course records for both men and women, and smiles across the board. Results, followed by more pictures:

aaron brown          1:24:48 men1
kassy lynass          1:40:47 women1
quinn                     1:42:55 men2
adrianne bouchard 1:50:15 women2
bob smith              1:51:00 men3
ben stolen              1:54:18 men4
karen cummings     2:02:52 women3
amanda hatton       2:05:57 women4
tina fifarek             2:07:36 women5
sarah jorgenson     2:09:57 women6
meg granger          2:11:50 women7
nara                      2:12:35 women8
josh miller             2:14:29 men5
sara baker            2:14:46 women9
warren williams     2:24:06 men6
mary katherine      2:25:43 women10
angela disque        2:29:52 women11
marly malley          2:32:05 women12
pok malley            2:32:05 women13
jacob baker          2:42:32 men7
annette baker        2:47:48 women14

Our winners earned hoodies and free entry in next year's race. Everyone got a t-shirt and cookies at the finish. Thanks to Wes and Mackenzie for providing water along the way, and to Kyra for managing the start and timing!

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