Mineral Creek Half Marathon 2014 Results

A group of folks enjoyed mostly good weather for the fourth running of the Mineral Creek Half Marathon on August 10, 2014. Highlights, list style:

Meira Pederson cut 14 minutes off her 2013 time to take the women's crown. She won a hoodie and free entry into next year's event.

Chuck Konopa, a Utah resident who has previously spent some quality time during the winter in Mineral Creek, became the second fastest person in course history.

Nick Weicht provided refreshments at multiple locations along the course as well as at the finish line. Others contributed to the post race rehydration.

Sarah Jorgenson and Amanda Hatton finished, making them the only two to have completed every running of the event.

Stu Brown finished a respectable third, having worked at least 12 hours for 99 of the 100 days immediately prior to the race.

Germans Soenke Schmidt and Thea Emmerling traveled the farthest amongst all runners. In addition to Soenke and Thea, participants joined from 4 states other than Alaska.

Aaron Brown defended his title.

Thanks to our great volunteers - Robbin C at the turnaround, Sarah H at the creek crossing, and Sharman at the start and finish.

aaron brown 1:26:25 men1
chuck konopa 1:31:17 men2
stu brown 1:48:24 men3
nick weicht 1:57:34 men4
mark failing 1:57:34 men4
meira pederson 1:58:02 women1
john baumeister 2:00:07 men6
ben stolen 2:00:35 men7
kellyn brothis 2:02:50 women2
heather seiber 2:02:59 women3
sarah jorgenson (owen) 2:04:16 women4
hannah mcgowan 2:06:23 women5
megan woods 2:06:38 women6
soenke schmidt 2:14:10 men8
karen cummings 2:17:11 women7
karen carney 2:17:23 women8
kristina r 2:20:56 women9
Amanda Hatton 2:22:09 women10
karla bird 2:30:00 women11
donna hopper 2:30:44 women12
edmore mangena 2:30:56 men9
nani hunter 2:32:53 women13
rene chrystal 2:32:53 women13
thea emmerling 2:43:10 women15
Shiloh Marshall 2:47:16 women16
shawn cornelius 3:18:24 women17

Thanks to Sharman and Sarah H for the great pictures that follow. All the creek crossing pictures come from Sarah H, and most of the start/finish pictures are Sharman's. Pictures, in approximate chronological order: