Mineral Creek Half Marathon 2017 results

Heavy rains provided the slowest course conditions for this, the final running of the Mineral Creek Half Marathon. Multiple sections of up to 100 yards of the route were covered in flowing water. This didn't stop the hearty group, who all finished in good spirits and stuck around to rehydrate and cheer on other runners.

Amanda Hatton and Sarah J-Owen finished as the only 2 to run all 7 events. Amanda was the inspiration for the original event, when a half marathon trip to America fell through and she needed a replacement race.

Thanks to Nick and Adam for providing refreshments at the turn around - they braved challenging driving conditions! Chloe and Arlene monitored the creek crossing and provided most of the pictures below. BK did a fantastic job with the start, finish, and results, even thinking to bring music. Amanda provided the tent, which made things much more enjoyable in the rain.

Olivia, running for the first time, won the women's division in style. After being a distant second last year, Aaron was back on top. Despite the slow conditions, Scottie Biddle set a personal best by over 3 minutes and cracked the top 10 all time! Olivia also picked up the cone premium. Upon hearing that Dan got this last year, she proclaimed, "tell Dan he can suck it." Message delivered :)

Thanks to everyone for 7 great years! Results, followed by more pictures: